Our Work
  • Bible Study Groups: There are Bible study groups consist of youth who are developed spiritually nation wide.
  • News & Prayer letters: Every month we publish news & prayer letters. The letters give general information about Smyrna Youth Fellowship's work and list of special prayer subjects. The members can remember the subject in their prayers at home and in the prayers in their group meetings.
  • Training: To develop our society, we need well-trained leaders. Smyrna gives training for maturing Christians on how to present the Gospel and how to lead Bible groups/discussions.
  • Workshop: Smyrna Youth Fellowship arranges for workshops, to discuss difficult social and religious subjects. Members from several groups are invited and well-trained persons lead the workshop.
  • Stipend: Smyrna gives stipend to brilliant but poor students and helps continue their studies.
  • Annual National Camp: Once a year Smyrna Youth Fellowship invites all the Bible study group members in a fellowship.
  • Regional Camp: From time to time Smyrna Youth Fellowship arranges for Regional Camps and invites all the Bible Study groups members in a fellowship.
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